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At MyInsuranceNerd.com we are continuously working to provide the insurance coverage you require at the
lowest possible rate. When it comes to protecting your auto, home, business and family, let us quote over
20 insurance companies for you so you can be sure we will find you the lowest rate possible. At
MyInsuranceNerd.com, we take pride in our ability to find the solution that is right for you and strive to be
the relationship specialists providing you with the total insurance solution for all your needs at the lowest
possible cost. Being insured with the best has its advantages, and we will work hard to earn your

When you are looking for insurance, who do you turn too? Most people call around to 5 or 6 agents giving
them all your very personal information over and over again and then you try to compare rates and
coverages to find the best coverage for you. The problem is when you call around you have to give your
personal information to multiple people which could put your identity at risk. Also consider that each time
you call someone for a quote it takes at least a half hour each to give the information times 5 or 6 times
means taking 3 hours plus the time it takes to get the quotes and compare them. After you have spent
three hours calling around and giving your information, you now wait for them to call you back with a quote
and lets be hones, some don’t even call back which is a complete waste of your time. Most times you
have to call them back again and again until you finally get an quote. Now that you have all of your offers
together, you go to the agent you feel has the best quote and when you get there and you are ready to
start your policy, surprise, the rate changes. They say they didn’t know this or that and they probably
know you are tired and frustrated at this point and that you are desperate to get the policy. This is how
most people buy insurance. No wonder studies show that some people would rather get a root canal than
shop for insurance. Let us make price comparisons easier for you so you can move on with the rest of your

At Insurance Nerd Agency we are a one stop shop insurance agency. We will get your information and
quote several companies for you to compare. Companies like Unitrin, GMAC, Progressive,Titan, Safeco,
Century 21, Encompass (owned by Allstate), Foremost (Owned by Farmers Insurance) and many others.
Because we have multiple companies, it makes it easier for us to find you a the best rate possible. Most
companies have one rate, take it or leave it. If they are a round hole and you are a square peg, they will try
and hammer you in to make you fit. We take a round peg and put it into a round hole or we put a square
peg into a square hole. That way you get the policy you want at a price you can afford.
Insurance Nerd Agency Provides Auto, Home, Personal, and Business / Commercial Insurance to California and All of the United States.
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